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Hello, have two routers with OpenWRT, Xiaomi Router 4C and Xiaomi Router Mini, second works as wireless client and some servers are connected to it by LAN. This servers have IPMI and WebUI of it, but it's accessible only from second, client router network, I need to set up this routers to get access to the ipmi WebUi form the main router network, how can I do it?
Now for administration of this servers I use ssh connection to second router, and then, from it, get ssh connection to server.

  • Add a static route on the upstream router to the server's subnet via the downstream router.
  • Enable masquerading on the downstream firewall zone of the downstream router if necessary.
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masquerading on both markers? It's second router, client - is it right way?

Yep, enable masquerading for both zones at least for testing.

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ok, masquerading is done, now I need make like this? is main router and is client router, on fo the ipmi WebUI ip, on both routers net mask is

  • Specify the server subnet as the target and the WAN IP of the downstream router as the gateway.
  • Add firewall forwarding from WAN to LAN zone on the downstream router.
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it's server's ip in it's network( or it's gateway(

With netmask of, it doesn't really matter, but looks better.

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Ok, thanks, with target : , mask and getawey it's works good. Great thanks.

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