Service still restart/start while disabled

Is it a normal behaviour that disabled services still start when attempted to ?
A disabled service would not be refused of starting ?
A call to the init.d script may be difficult to manage this particular state, but the service command must do !

thanks to @wulfy23 to point on this :

Disabling a service only affects autostart in general case.
This cannot prevent you from starting it manually.


see many services hotplug.d files i.e.;

### [root@dca632 / 46°]# grep enabled /etc/hotplug.d/iface/11-sqm 
[ "$ACTION" = ifup ] && /etc/init.d/sqm enabled && restart_sqm

which can go in your firewall script for quickfix (without the ifup)...

technically one could do a || running to be totally confident it's not running user instantiated but that's overkill for similar packages (and not always reliable)...

Okay, got it ! thanks...

root@LPM:~# cat /etc/firewall.fail2ban 
/etc/init.d/fail2ban enabled && /etc/init.d/fail2ban restart
exit 0

Will workaround and quickfix it !


thanks @vgaetera

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I'm not sure if I can cherry-pick this for 21.02 without push permission.
You should probably ask @champtar who merged the patch.

I will do if you prefer, it is a "fast" PR...
done :

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