Service Bypass VPN

Good Morning,
I installed the bypass vpn service but when I activate the service my internet stops working.
the bypass service is at the default settings, I didn't even include any filters.

What may be missing to work?

My goal is to make NetFlix and other services not pass through the VPN.

Thanks in advance for your help.

  • What is this, what company?
  • Can you provide details?
  • Can you provide configs?
  • What VPN software?

A simple web search brings a lot of results for circumventing geographic blocks on streaming services.


More information, please.


It is configured and working using pptp accessing Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN

As I want some sites not to go through VPN, I installed the OpenWRT BypassVPN service

But if you have another way to bypass the VPN on openWrt without using the BypassVPN service, it could be too.

I am a home user and have little knowledge in openWRT

It is well-know question. To this end, you should mark packets, and route them into special table. I recommend you to start from Policy-Based-Routing by stangri.

I put two machine IPs that I do not want to go through the VPN but it does not work.

What is missing in VPN bypass rule configuration

Please, give output of
iptables -S -t mangle
ip route show table all
ip rule show