Serial Voltage Level in "hwdata"

Won't it make sense to add a field for the serial connector's voltage level to the "hwdata" template?

I want to add that detail to a device page and thought it might best be placed in data fields. Appending it to "Serial connection parameters:" doesn't seem right. Alternatively I'd just add it to the device page in text.

I have now added Serial connection voltage to the dataentry template.
Currently selectable values: 5, 3.3, 2.5, 1.8
Please let me know if more values are needed.


It isn't available in the form when editing an existing data entry yet though.

There are also some enterprise'ish devices (with real 9-pin DE-9 or Cisco style connectors) using RS-232C at +/- 15 volts (up to +/-25 volts allowed in open circuit operations). Examples would include Sophos/ Gateprotect UTMs on x86_64, some of the managed switches of the realtek target (most not exposing the DE-9 connector, but still having it onboard with level shifters to use +/- 15 volts), some enterprise APs (e.g. Meraki and friends, usually with a cisco style rj45 console port running at +/- 15 volts).

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Done, new datafield has been added now to all dataentries.

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