Serial connection to Meraki MR18

I'got two used Meraki MR18 and I would like to install OpenWrt on them.
Unfortunately I got blocked already at the UART connection.
I've tried an USB-cable adapter as well as a "real" serial port - sadly with the same result.

After powering on I see just an unreadable scrappy screen instead of clean boot messages.

Any idea what I could try?

  • Faulty ground connection
    How exactly have you connected your serial adapter to the MR18 (Soldered wires, header pins, holding the wires by hand to the PCB pdas...)?
  • wrong serial connection settings
    With which settings are you trying to connect?
    Have you tried different settings?

I've tried almost all possible settings - current is: 115200 8/1/N/N (no flow control)

In the meantime I've found another post here.
This post was ponting me to the right direction - I do need a TTL USB converter.

Unfortunately I don't have one - but I have a bunch of Arduino Nano boards around.
So if sombody needs a really cheap USB TTL converter...

  1. just take a Arduino board (nano in my case)

  2. flash this small sketch on it:

void setup()
void loop()

  1. Connect Pin0 -> RX, Pin1 -> TX and Pin5 -> GND

  2. Plug your adrunio to your computer, identify the Com Port, connect to the Com Port und you are done if you see the "Meraki" prompt

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