Serial connection issue on w8980

hi, I'm trying to connect my w8980 router by serial interface. I use a ttl to USB dongle cp210x (I tried also a prolific 2303) and I always got the same result in my serial console (either screen or putty) I mean unreadable characters filling the console. I use TX RX and ground, 115200 8N1. I'm short on this so I need some help.

anyone has encountered such issue ? I'm already stuck at the very start of the process !


that looks like (to begin with) some sort of charset mismatch... what language/os are you using?

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And you're sure you have:

  • TX to RX
  • RX to TX
  • GND to GND
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See also


I fixed the issue by re soldering properly the leads to the boards. obviously the contacts were bad. now it works fine. I didn't Believe it could be the way I soldered them but it was.


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