Sercomm AD1018: generic vs. smp subtarget

@danitool Just curious: Why is it that 19.07.3 links for this device point to generic subtarget, while snapshot links point to smp subtarget?

Both, generic + smp are available in 19.07.3 and snapshots.
Just trying to understand the situation.

Hi tmomas,

It turns out that the NAND flash support for the target this router belongs to has been added a couple of days ago. But this particular device was supported long time ago but in the SPI NOR flavor.

The developer decided to add the NAND support only for SMP subtarget. This is to avoid compiling useless stuff for the generic target since almost all routers coming with a NAND flash are are also dual cores SMP supported devices.

It is better to use this device (on the NAND firmware flavor) with the SMP stuff rather than forcing all devices to load NAND stuff spite it is unneded for almost all generic (only 1 core and NOR) devices.


Thanks for this explanation!

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