Sercom H500-s (vodafone) Quantenna config

I flash OPENWRT 21.02.1 on a sercom H500 as was described here:

I also follow the procedure to activate SoC Quantenna. The 5 GHz band is already active, but I can't understand how I can configure it. Please help.

I hope 2.4GHz will be available on the future, any notice?


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This will help [Spanish] :

Briefly edit /etc/init.d/quantenna and add before $QCS_CALL rfenable 1

                        ### CONFIG
                        $QCS_CALL set_ssid wifi0 Openwrt5G
                        $QCS_CALL set_WPA_encryption_modes wifi0 AESEncryption
                        $QCS_CALL set_WPA_authentication_mode wifi0 PSKAuthentication
                        $QCS_CALL set_passphrase wifi0 SecretH500 0
Sure there will be a better way to do with config file...