Separate multiple dhcp Network

I have same IP network in dhcp

How i can separate this multiple dhcp same IP ?

If this is provided from the upstream router, you cannot do much.

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I just want separate dns request to usb0 and usb1, how about create new interface and provide new IP each device. to and have dns to 192.168.300.2/24 and have dns 192.168.300.1

Nope, it won't work like this. You cannot have 2 interfaces in the same subnet if they are not bridged. And you should not bridge 2 interfaces which are connected to 2 different upstream routers. Or is the upstream router the same for both usb0 and usb1?


Its different upstream router, usb0 is phone Redmi4x , usb1 is Samsung J3 2016.
Maybe i should try change android default dhcp for usb tethering.

Assign each upstream interface to a separate routing table and manage priorities with routing rules.

Create multiple dnsmasq instances using different upstream resolvers or announce different upstream resolvers to specific downstream subnets/clients, and then use custom routing rules to lookup the relevant routing table for each specific resolver.