Send uPnP requests to other routers?

Is it possible to set up an OpenWRT router so that it will send uPnP requests to routers it is connected to? Ideally without accepting uPnP requests itself.

If it helps, I am using OpenWRT 19.07.2 (will upgrade to .3 soon) on a Xiaomi Mi WiFi R3G.

Does anyone have an answer?

opkg install miniupnpc
upnpc --help

Did you figure this out? Was "miniupnpc" the answer?

I have a stupid gateway that I can't open ports on or replace. It does however support upnp so my only choice is to have OpenWRT act as a client and continuously keep the ports open on that gateway. I think the same way this OP needs.

There aren't any computers behind my OpenWRT router. I'm merely using it as a VPN server. So the router itself needs to send upnp requests.