Send scheduled report with OpenWrt stats via mail?

I’m using a router and an AP with both OpenWrt and collectd that sends the data to a RaspberryPI where there’s a Grafana server that makes some nice and useful stats (my setup is here). But… with the free version of Grafana is not possible to send daily/weekly/scheduled reports. Only with the enterprise plan is possible.

So I have to find out another way, there’re some external plugins that can do it but they’re outdated and I don’t want to install another thing that when I update something it stops working.

Another way is to use an online service but they’re expensive.

So, someone have a suggestion for another way to get daily/scheduled reports from OpenWrt to my email?


not sure what you want to send, exactly, but logwatch ?

Oh I have forgotten to say, the stats from collectd like the daily total traffic, the average WLAN speed, etc.. I

there's nothing stopping you from sending it using cron, assuming you can get the data out, in a human readable format ... ?

Eheh yes I know but as you said the format is not legible. Indeed I was asking if there’s a tool to send the reports in a pdf format or a readable way. Not only the crude logs via cron.

I see no reason why you couldn't attach a PDF or any other file, or do you need the PDF to be created too ?

I need the PDF to be created, I need "something" in a readable format, these are my stats from Grafana, I need this data also in a text format, but readable, not the RAW queries from collectd:

I don't know if exist a plugin or something similar that can do it.

No really an openwrt question though.

I guess these won't work for you

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The second one is the service that I should use but it's a bit old and I prefer to avoid to rely on other services...

The first one, instead, looks useful and what I need, I will give a change to it, thanks!

Ehi @frollic I tried both but I failed because Grafana needs a plug ‘Grafana-image-render’ that is not compiled for ARM, so I’m having some troubles to generate the graphs.

There isn’t anything that can generate the report from OpenWrt?

I mean, something that can take a screenshot (or generate a pdf) from the luci stats page and send it via email.

In order to send it is not the issue using cron, but I don’t know how to generate the images.

Maybe I can make the luci page available without login and then install something/a tool in another RaspberryPI that can make a screenshot of a page inside my LAN?

Is this possible? Suggestion for it?


Finally I resolved it and now I’m receiving my daily pdf report with all my OpenWrt graphs/stats!

This is an example of the pdf that my Grafana server (Raspberry PI) sends to me every day:

I’m not getting the full dashboard because it takes many time to render all of it but of course there are many other panels

I will write a blog post with all the details but in the end I used the Izak Marius’ Reporter and I had to recompile for ARM the Grafana-image-render plug-in.


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