Send me full firmware dump of Totolink N100RE (with RT5350F chipset)

I have an old Totolink N100RE (stock firmware from admin page on the router is from 2014!). I opened it, connect the UART-to-USB adapter and I can get to the U-Boot console. Then I type erase linux and it successfully erase the SPI flash.

But before I can do anything (transfer new firmware through TFTP and flash it) I shutdown the power of the router by mistake and when I try to boot again, it didn't boot and the serial console didn't work as well, the leds were hang too.

So I come here to ask for the full dump of the SPI flash so I can flash the Uboot again (and hopefully install Lede on it although it is not officially supported but I found another supported model similar to that)

Thanks in advance!

I have found an Uboot building tutorial for the SPI flash of Olimex OLinuXino which also use RT5350F. But the OLinuXino have 32mb of RAM while my Totolink only have 8mb. Can I build that Uboot and flash to my device? Do I need any change in the source code (or dtb)? Thanks!