Send BSS requests to clients

I want to send to client's (phones, tablets, etc..) a bss_transition_request via hostapd every few seconds (let's say every 1-3 sec)

Does it affect the client battery?
And if the answer is yes, is it significant?

Is this an OpenWrt-specific inquiry?

I'm guessing the OpenWrt is not battery-powered, so this seems unrelated to OpenWrt. Honesty (as a thought experiment), what do you think would happen when you force clients to disconnect from an AP every 1-3 seconds?


Thanks for your reply.
Client means Mobile phone
If i'm sending the mobile phone a bss request every few seconds..

Why not give it a try and find out?

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This part.

To be clear, you want to force your clients to disconnect every 1-3 seconds?

And you're not sure how that would affect their battery? :thinking:

I agree with @krazeh:

u need rrm eneble on APs u need to gater neighbors .
what actually u wanna make ?