Semi-Bricked Linksys e8450

I recently purchased a "new" "open box" "non-returnable" Linksys e8450 reportedly with Linksys v1.2.00.273012 firmware. My intention is to install openwrt.

When the router is started with a cable from my gateway router ( plugged into the "internet" port, it connects to that router and gets an IP address for the WAN connection (192.168.0.x) from the gateway's DHCP server. I set up an alias IP on my desktop in the 192.168.1.x group, and can ping the router at, but don't get a web interface when trying to use a browser. I don't care if I never see the Linksys interface, but I had to go through it on my other e8450 in order to install openwrt. Is there a way to install the openwrt firmware via tftp?

Snapshot installed?

Those come without web ui, install a stable 22.03 release, using the sysupgrade command via ssh.

The router is reported to have the Linksys v1.2 firmware. I cannot reach it's web interface (which it should have-its not an openwrt snapshot), so that I can install openwrt.

You could try the proper install method, but it might require web access, haven't read the script.

Or simply try to reset it.

I did try to reset the router (more than once!). It boots up and gives me the expected blue lights, but I can't access the web interface, so I can't do a "proper" install. That's why I asked the question.

Things weren't quite as bad as they seemed. When I went to the web page in an attempt to install OpenWrt, I got error messages, and the page didn't load. When I finally paid attention the the messages, I found that it was trying to make a secure connection to the router, but if I went ahead and bypassed the warnings I got the the router's web page. I now have OpenWrt on that router, and don't get the warning messages when going to the luci web page.