Selected build option, no pkg python3-setuptools

WARNING: Makefile 'package/feeds/hookd-feed/python-netifaces/Makefile' has a build dependency on 'python3-setuptools', which does not exist

src-git-full packages^dba8a0102
src-git-full luci^96ec0cd3cc
src-git-full routing^8502870
src-git-full telephony^1d2031a

I've pursued options in searches for the last couple of weeks looking for python3-setuptools.

The option is selected in languages/Python/python3-setuptools.

The package isn't in my feed.

I've set the feed config for the latest version of openwrt.

A lot of other things, and maybe it is a simple item that I'm missing. Any helpful information I need to include?

Any help would be appreciated.