Segmented network using open SSID

We have an apartment that provides a single, unsecured SSID that all guests connect to. They do not provide a hard line for any of the units.

I am trying to set up 1 device that can connect to the open SSID and act as a modem for a 2nd device that could be a used as my router with my own private, secured SSID. I know it would not be a very secure connection but at the very least, I’d like to prevent others in the complex from being able to connect to my devices like my chromecast. Can this be done with 2 openwrt devices?

It can be done with just one device

If want to use two devices tbe second device can be just a dumb access point

You connect to the open ssid and set that up as your wireless wan (wwan) and then setup your router as per normal.


Ensure the WWAN has masquerading (NAT) enabled

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Take a look at travelmate. It can do what you need.