Seeking OpenWRT Hardware on Amazon with MediaTek 7612e Chipset for 5GHz WiFi

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I'm currently looking for a list of OpenWRT-supported hardware available on Amazon that utilizes the MediaTek 7612e chipset for its 5GHz WiFi.

I’ve been exploring the Table of Hardware (ToH) on the OpenWRT wiki but am unsure how to filter specifically for devices that use the MT7612e chipset and are available on Amazon.

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There are many Amazons, or are you a world citizen ?

Hi @frollic, thanks for providing the list. I picked up the device - Wavlink WL-WN531G3. However, the product is unavailable on The search result is the link ( How can I further filter your list for product selling in

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Did the commit say it would be ?

You can't, trial and error.

I'd try ebay though.

Thanks @frollic. I cross-checked the Wavlink WL-WN531G3 on OpenWRT ToH, but that model is not listed there:

How can I get a list of OpenWRT compatible hardware with MediaTek 7612e chipset directly from OpenWRT ToH?

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You could use the full detail table and filter the WLAN Hardware column:

as @dnd posted, but it's going to be incomplete, ToH is manual, git commits are automatic, and still no guarantee the device will exist on CA Amazon.

Linksys E5350?
Archer C50?

Thanks, @frollic and @dnd. I found Linksys E5350 on Amazon. I have manually checked Amazon’s availability against the output list of hardware from ToH. Not only @frollic mention, “no guarantee the device will exist on CA Amazon,” but also no guarantee the product sold on Amazon under the same brand name still supports OpenWRT due to the manufacturer-modified hardware configuration. Because Amazon doesn’t provide product version info, I compared the FCC certification number supplied in the ToH with the product image on the Amazon product page. Is there any better and more convenient approach to replace those error-prone manual steps?

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Would anyone share experience and tips on purchasing OpenWRT-compatible devices from the retail market (such as Amazon), which can be easily adapted to personal requirements?