Seeking Networking Documentation - AP and VLan and Guest Network


I've done quite a few google searches but I can't seem to find the perfect combination of what I'm looking for in a home solution. I'm looking to setup a home network similar to what you see simplified diagram.

I'm new to OpenWRT from Tomato and DD-WRT, but not new to Linux. I found some good documentation on how to install and configure the AP, but I can't seem to find anything that ties it all together with VLans and network separation.

Maybe this is what you are looking for.

Do you have one or two WRT32X devices running OpenWrt? The posted howto should work if it's one device I guess.


Thank you for replying. There will be 2 OpenWRT devices; the first will be in the basement and will host the primary services (DNS, ntp, ADBlock, etc..) the second device will be on the main floor and will primarily be a dumb access point with IPStorage and associated services (CIFS/NFS).

The provided link does not accommodate a VLan between the two devices. (At least I don't think it does).

Hmm sorry about that, I thought that guest setup contained VLAN instructions in it.

This link does have vlanning included although you will most likely need to tweak it to get what you want.

You should only configure an IP address(es) on the management interface connected to. VLAN1, on the AP. When you connect the guest WiFi to VLAN2 it means it will be isolated on the AP.

Both VLANs should be tagged on trunk ports that you use to connect the devices. (You can use one VLAN untagged if you want.)
The router needs ip addresses in both VLANs connected to different interfaces and firewall zones.


Thank you. I think my google foo is coming back, I also found these links below. Now I just need to spend some time understand what you've provided and these links: