Secondary ETH port on Meraki MR12+

The page on OpenWrt states that there is no driver included for the secondary 100Mbps port, but how do you set up one?
I wish I could actually put some stuff behind it.

is it detected by the kernel ?


I don't think so.
Although it's a bit strange:

  • the 1 Gbps port appears as LAN with eth0/br-lan as 100 Mbps (why?)
  • the 100 Mbps LAN port doesn't seem to appear in dmesg but in Luci interface there is a WAN and a WAN6 as eth1 returning "Error: Network device is not present"

Also there is no lspci command available, do I need to install a particular package?


Thanks. That gives only the Wifi one:


00:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)

did you cut the lspci output, or was that it ?

It's all there was, not even an entry for the port that is used

indeed, I would have expect to see the 1G chip listed too.

In that case, do two things.
Connect the 100mbit port to a switch (or whatever), see if there's anything in dmesg afterwards
Check the processor spec, the 100mbit ethernet might be integrated into the main chip.

Connecting the 100mbit port to a switch does nothing.

Yes, the 100mbit ethernet seems integrated into the proc:

And I still don't understand why the GB port isn't displayed uhhh

In that case, if there's no code made available for Linux, it's not going to be supported.

I don't know if there is code available, I don't know where to look for

Since it's not detected, I'd assume there isn't any code published.