Second access point, no more RT3200(?), what to get

So I am moving in a new apartment, complete with fiber and cat6 to all rooms. I am using a Mikrotik RB5009 as router (on RouterOS7 with 1gbit SFP, soonish 10) and misuse a RT3200 as access point and local switch where it is placed.

Coverage is a bit borderline on one side of the apartment so I am thinking I need a second access point (again, ideally providing a few more gbit ports to TV, streaming boxes etc. so a proper AP is not really the most effective solution) but sadly, Amazon does not even show RT3200 anymore. So what device would people recommend in its place?

From currently supported ax devices in 22.03 only Xiaomi ax6s is roughly on par with rt3200 if Linksys version is unavailable/too expensive.

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Supported AX devices, currently, they're all MT based.


Oh well, I had seen that (and pretty much concluded AX6s), I was just hoping to avoid aliexpress for this.

Thanks a lot in any case, will wait a few days if a RT3200 shows up again at, otherwise go with the AX6s. In the meantime, maybe the Archer 2600 in the closet can be convinced to work (there's no need whatsoever for AX but hey, with high-end fiber...)

Is still run C2600s as APs, they perform admirably, but most of my high bandwidth devices are wired.

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You can order it directly from Belkin -


It's a disease, is it not? This is how I ended up replacing an ER-X for a NanoPi R4S and managed switch - just change "high-end fiber" to "upgrade to 400 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 for less per month than 200 Mbps." I've no regrets - truly it was a fun upgrade, and if I ever get Gigabit ISP service, my NanoPi R4S is ready! I can really see the difference on buffer bloat tests, speed tests and CPU monitoring results. But, in general, do I notice the difference between 200 Mbps SQM and 400 Mbps SQM? Not so much.

I would give your C2600 a chance. Anything wired to it should pull near gigabit speeds. And WiFi is a two way street - if your clients cannot support more speed anyway....

It's a disease but I think mine is not deady, I willingly skipped 25gbit (which, aside higher set up fees, costs the same) knowing that there's no way to route that without serious, power consuming hardware.

Either way, the few devices I have that still have wired Ethernet all top out at 1 gig anyway.

As for ordering from belkin, the one I bought from Amazon the other week was 100ish euro :thinking: also not sure they ship to Switzerland.