[searching] TP-Link Archer C7 V2 stripped Firmware


I'm looking for a stripped Firmware for the Archer C7 V2.
Reason is, that I can transfer Firmware with TFTP to the bricked Router but than the router still stcks in bootloop.
I was lokking for the Firmware around but all ressoiurces i found are old and the URL's to them are false.

So I hope somewone from here can help me :slight_smile:


Here's a link to a copy I downloaded before fredzombie's site went MIA. It's only for the Archer C7 V2, I'm not sure if it matters what country version the router has. Mine's a US version.



Thanks SlotTech!
US Version will be fine :slight_smile:

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In case the links provided in this thread becomes dead, here is the procedure to do your own stripped version of the firmware (the dd part of the operations):

dd if="downloaded_firmware.bin" of="stripped_firmware.bin" skip=257 bs=512

You can confirm that you've done a correct job by downloading the file ArcherC7v2_en_3_14_2_up_boot(150304).bin from TP-Link, applying the procedure and compare the MD5 checksums after the stripping that should be 398e1fcdd72baedd475c4048b1f359c0. So it would be:

dd if="ArcherC7v2_en_3_14_2_up_boot(150304).bin" of="Archer-C7-V2-FW0.0.3-stripped.bin" skip=257 bs=512

I've just tested it, it gives the same results.


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