Searching for 5GHz usb adapter

Can you tell me What model number tp link 5g usb adapter. I like to buy.thanks

Thanks for replay .but I need usb WiFi adapter for openwrt support. Have you done install usb 5g wireless adapter for openwrt router

What's the use case?

I have ar 300 m single band I like to add 5 GHz WiFi access point . Sorry for delay replay.

I reasearched this a while back, unfortunately AC capable USB wifi adapters are sparse in Linux.

I read the T4U worked, but I couldn't get it to run in OpenWRT in hotspot/ad-hoc mode.

But this was a sub release or two back, things might have changed since then.

If you don't require high speeds, the TEW-820AP might be a good option.
It's cheap (if you can still find it), and works very well.
Unfortunately there's no OpenWRT support, but it gets the job done.

Based on How to install drivers for Wifi USB Stick and Onboard Camera

You should get an adapter based on the MT7612U chip.

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No idea about the throughput but another option could be the MT7610u (do not confuse with the MT7601u: 2.4GHz-only, sta-only support in linux)