Search result limits inside very long topics

I'm seeing a limit to the results of the "find inside this topic" form of search. It seems to max out in some cases when the topic is long and the term searched for occurs fairly often; it only shows so many results and no more -- and since you're very likely to be looking for more recent matches rather than older ones, this is particularly frustrating.

For example, search for any of r7800, ea8500, c2600 in this thread:

Or for ea6350 in this one:

For me, tested in several browsers both logged in and not, is that the last result offered can be years old, no matter how many times the term appears in the topic after that. If there's a way to extend the results I haven't found it. (I've ended up going to the bottom and working my way up using the default in-browser search every time the dynamic paging window refreshes which can be very time-consuming.)

Is this a known problem, and is there a workaround?

Use the force, Luke!

Sorting by latest post is the easiest.
In addition to that, you can restrict the search to posts after a certain date (not before as shown in the screenshot).

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Ah. Thought it had to be something obvious: I have the usual allergy to "advanced search". Still, it'd be nice if the in-topic search results would virtually-page the way the topic itself does; it's very easy to be misled into thinking there are no more results.


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