Search in wiki does not include expected results

Somehow the FB7520 or FB7530 do no not show up when searching for 7530

Even though there is a TOH entry for them:

Seems like the search index is not up to date?

Anyone responsible knows what is up with this?

I came from and clicked on the link to go to toh - which does not show anything.

I suspect you're doing an "exact match", which is the default. You can show the tools ("Toggle Search Tools" to the right of the search field), and select some other option than the exact match, or just put some stars around your search, like *7530*.

I have the same issue, with many different devices. Using starts (or selecting "Contains" from the search tools drop down" doesn't help.

Even when I search for the exact page name, I don't find it. I do find another page that mentions the device though.

This is now fixed.
This issue/thread is therefore closed.