Search freelance to port GPON device

I search freelance to port GPON device.
I have the SDK. What info do you need? What is the average price for this work?

For what device on what architecture?

MIPS (Realtek RTL9603C) and Mediatek (ARMv8 64Bits)

I'd say it'd be around USD$100/hr, and it could be 6-8 weeks of work (@40hrs/week).
So you'd be looking at around $32k

It could be cheaper, if there is a lot of commonality with existing developments.
But it could be more if there is a requirement for a specific driver to be written from scratch.

If you're talking about multiple devices, then you should multiply this value up by the number of different devices (unless they share common architecture and peripherals).

If you were expecting it to be a hundred dollars or so total, you're very much mistaken.

Your best bet is to try to start on it yourself, and cross your fingers that you make some progress, and interest someone else with the devices to help you also. If nothing else, you'd get more appreciation for how difficult it can be.

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PS: I have C code of most of the driver to reduce the time, most of the drive is under 200 code line.
And the DTS is simple.

I'm doing some decompilation to study the GPON part, this seam be the complex part because no related work is into the vanilla Linux kernel. And have kernel code and user space code...

I have the level to do that's, but no time due my CEO function into my company. I will just help decompiling the GPON part for my curiosity. :sweat_smile:

You got an estimate above, though I’d say it’s on the low side for unknown and undocumented hardware.

I would have said 3-6 months with the majority of the time being getting SOC support upstreamed.

Isn't that realtek just a switch? I'd be surprised if it's based on a MIPS architecture.

Do they have a license which allows to re-license them under the correct license for the Linux kernel?

No, it's router with wifi, iptables, ... then like normal GPON

No, then need be rewriten

But the Realtek IC is just a switch. Probably everything else is part of the Mediatek IC. I hope for the ICs you have proper datasheets aswell, otherwise it's sometimes impossible to Upstream work as they won't accept magic constants, so just writing 0x72485 to a register won't work, you need to write RTL_ALLOW_100M|RTL_ALLOW_10M|RTL...

I have mapped the PCB, Realtek is a SoC + RAM
As you can see, the other module is wifi, optical module, flash chip (I access to it), UART.
I access to the OS and upload my own OS.

I have booted openwrt with contructor kernel, for now wifi/ethernet not work, gpon partially. I have for now 7k to this port, I try found more funds and work myself on it.
Any idea how progress on ethernet or wifi? to have remote connectivity

You'd need to work out how the connection for the Wifi / Ethernet is, if there's external PHYs being used, whether there are Serdes configurations needed.

It can be easiest to snoop from the stock firmware and try to identify registers and values. If you can get JTAG access that's the best. Otherwise it'll be largely trial and error and hoping you don't trigger something that bricks things.

I thinks it will more easy just read the C code of the linux kernel provided into the SDK, same SDK I use to compile the firmware.

Problem solved then.
You should just read the SDK 'C code' that setup the ethernet and wifi registers correctly...

Sorry, I miss read I thinks, I had understand you suggest do reverse engineering on binary.
And I can't do it personally due to lack of time.

well the price mentioned seam well if I can by part. then now I need just found freelance for this

Then how/where found freelance for openwrt?

You could do a search on LinkedIn.
Or you could open another thread in this forum with your expectations and offer around this.

As to finding a good software engineer to actually get it done, well that's a multi-billion dollar question, and there are significant divisions within companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other large players in the software space trying to solve that quandry... you could always throw it to Chat GPT and see what magic it provides..