SDK with source code for ralink and MediaTek (RT3883 RT3352 RT5350 RT3052 MT7620 MT7621)

I found this:
I was able to extract the source with:

cat source.tar.bz2.part1 source.tar.bz2.part2 > source.tar.bz2
tar xvjf source.tar.bz2

It seems the source code ( Version ) of the linux SDK for the the MediaTek 7620, 7621 and Ralink 3883 3352 5350 3052.

Considering the problems that plague MT7620 (ex: NEXX 3020 (MT7620) Wi-Fi issues Xiaomi MiWifi mini wireless signal question), I wonder if these can help to fix the drivers for the routers that use these chips.

Are these something new?
I know they are for kernel linux-2.6.36.x but can they help?

cc: @daniel

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Most likely using proprietary (closed-source) driver from Mediatek. Just give it a try, I think their driver sets up a wireless device like 'ra' .