Saved by OpenWrt!

Hello all,

I was able to purchase some WatchGuard AP300's and since I have a WatchGuard xtm525 I thought that I might have a chance at deploying the AP300's via the xtm525 but after talking to WatchGuard Support they informed me that the xtm525 I had was used to upgrade to a newer model by it's former owner and that I wouldn't be able to register it or use any of the auto update or firmware download optiond available. OK, well I always wanted to strip the WatchGuard OS out & put pfsense in, but I need WAP's. What to do? i found this site and with some serious input from @mpratt14 and @akornow , i was able to redeploy my first (I have 4) WatchGuard AP300 as an openWRT AP. i can't begin to tell everyone how impressed I am with the assistance, guidance and instruction given to me by them. @mpratt14 and @akornow deserve all the praise I can heap upon them. I definitely, definitely could not do it without them and they need to be commended. I am now an openWRT convert for life. now i just need to figure out where I'll set the others! Please join me in commending @mpratt14 and @akornow for their expertise and patience in helping me. thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!



I thought you were going to use the new topic to ask questions haha :laughing:

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@mpratt14 ,

No, I thought everyone should see your ability to help someone in need! Thanks again and again!


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