Samba share depletes internal memory

i've set up a USB flash drive as a network share on my Linksys EA8300 it works fine as a DLNA and as a shared folder;However, when i'm adding large files via smb, the router's memory gets low really fast.
is there a way to add files directly into the flash drive without having the router use it's own memory to do it?

Of course. You would:

  • remove the drive
  • insert drive into another device
  • copy files onto drive
  • replace drive in router
  • Done!

It most likely doesn't, I'd guess it's the kernel caching files which it will release by itself. Haven't little memory free doesn't necessarily mean that you're out of memory.


You could try a ulimit value in the init.d script... otherwise use a lighter protocol for the uploads possibly with some trickle factor ( rsync bwlimit )

( @lleachii 's ) sneakernet :wink: is the smartest suggestion tho'... no matter how much you tweak, routers just ain't designed for heavy disk i.o.

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Plus of course any expected network speed bottleneck.

Though, if you are to remove the disk as @lleachii suggested to connect it directly to the computer, it goes without saying that you should properly unmount the volume off the router first. You would need to stop any services that are the disk such as SMB or miniDLNA. Neglecting to properly remove the disk could easily cause data corruption or worse.


it seems it caches ~50MB or maintains a ~10% free pagecache whether i'm playing, downloading, or copying.
thanks everyone for the help.


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