SAE WPA3 - alternative for wpa_psk_file option

Hello everybody,

I had a WPA2 configuration with this option below in the wireless configuration file.
option wpa_psk_file '/etc/hostapd.wpa_psk'

I used it to have different passwords for each devices.
I would like to do the same for a new configuration with WPA3 only - SAE.
But the option wpa_psk_file didn't work.

Do you guys know if their is a new option for it ?

Thank you for your help by advance.


did you find?
they seem to do everything facilitate wpa3 hacking.
shouldn't be sae_psk_file?

for me it looks like you can define one or more sae_password options … see

Maybe possible to use e.g.

option include ‘/etc/hostapd.sae_pass‘
and define in this file all the passwords like described

Is there a reason OpenWrt files and syntax are not being used?