RUT955 sysupgrade broken?

Today I built a new image for my RUT955, after git pull. And the RUT955 was in a continuous boot loop, after sysupgrade.
Fortunately, I could enter Teltonikas boot loader, (reset pressed during pwr up, and then in browser).
Flashing an older image, from 02-August, brought back my RUT to normal state.
I tried the flash of most recent image twice, once a sysupgrade -n -v -f files_to_keep.tar.gz
and once a vanilla sysupgrade -n -v. Both times router was in continuous boot afterwards.
Working-/Nonworking image differe only in
CONFIG_TARGET_ath79_generic_DEVICE_glinet_gl-x300b is not set
CONFIG_PACKAGE_libsasl2-sasldb is not set
CONFIG_PACKAGE_libreswan is not set
CONFIG_PACKAGE_ethtool-full is not set
CONFIG_PACKAGE_fuse-overlayfs is not set

So, it looks like that during previous week something changed regarding sysupgrade.
This is my working image: OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r17247-022d1fe80f

There was a potential kernel oops which could cause boot loop fixed very recently:;a=commit;h=29a3967e61334d0c6a1a7d391f0e751272d77b1d
Give it a try. That may be what was causing your boot loop. Otherwise, provide a console log so we can see what is going wrong.

I gave it a try, and now no boot loop any more. Thanx a lot.

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