Running sysupgrade -c ignores /etc/sysupgrade.conf

As above .. is this expected behaviour?

openwrt version? type of image installed? ( squash / other ), full command that you used?

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19.07.06 -> 19.07.07 upgrade, to an image built with image builder - happened on two nodes now, one with extroot one without.

thats one of the questions... the other two were;

  • full command you entered?
  • type of fs of the image(s)
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sysupgrade -v -c *bin in /tmp (BTW I have done upgrades before from the same place and it's preserved everything though in those cases I didn't use -c ).

alright... I dont have a full answer for you ( others will likely school us ) but what I do know ( well from memory last time I tried to use those options ) is...

  • -c and -o options are squashfs(rom) dependant ( non-rw rootfs/ext4 installs )
  • they (sometimes?) need to be used with '-b' but as you say... the help does not really explain this...