Running PiHole on OpenWrt (Pi 4) using Docker

Apologies for having to create a new topic, the original one which I wanted help from the OP had been closed:

I have followed this guide to a T, and other ways, too. However, for the life of me I can't get Docker to create the Pi Hole container using MacVlan. It always errors with:

ERROR: for pihole Cannot start service pihole: failed to create the macvlan port: operation not supported

When I'm following the guide which I've linked above, it will always fail at the point of creating the container; the network in the docker-compose file gets created. I have wiped my Pi back to scratch a few times, just installing only what's necessary (but also trying a few other things).

I have found a similar way of this being done on Synology using Portainer: The method is pretty much the same, and I've used Portainer before, so thought I'd give the time consuming point/click tutorial a whirl... but it fails with the same error.

Is there something I'm missing?

My bare setup uses the following packages to get me going:

  • cfdisk, resize2fs = resizing squash fs partition to use full 64GB SD
  • ntfs-3g = for mapping my ntfs 1TB drive which I map docker volumes to
  • dockerd, docker-compose, luci-app-dockerman = for the docker stuff

@ahasbini , any help, please?

You do have kmod-macvlan installed, do you?

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Yeah I'm sorry I missed something in the tutorial, tried to fix it but also got locked. It's the kmod-macvlan as @daniel mentioned. Here are the missing parts marked as an answer in the same post to act as an addendum:

many thanks for that! i guess it was also a case of me not thoroughly reading through the comments of the post :man_shrugging:

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