Running OpenWrt as WDS Client

I got a Joowin EW72 Access Point setup in WDS Client mode.

Is there any important steps I should know in the configuration?

My main router local IP is so I'm assuming I can assign IPs in the range of to

Encrypted DNS how to setup?

Can I set different WDS Clients to be on different WiFi channels than the main Router if they are sharing same SSID,

Is it working, and you are trying to improve the config? Or are you looking for a configuration guide?

It depends on how is the main router configured. And shouldn't be the main router who takes care of that?

This is independent of the WDS issue, there are two main paths, and several guides available.

No, each radio device can only operate on a single band / channel, and it must match the band / channel of the other devices. You will need devices with at least two radios.

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I got OpenWrt working fine on the access point I'm just looking to improve configuration.

Have you tried this guide ?

What version of openwrt are you using? there is bug on 21.02.0 related to WDS (

You might consider setting up 802.11s if you have problems with WDS.