Running multiple vpn clients with multiple vpn tuns

Hi, so I have a rather peculiar plan for my setup. I need a VPN for my PlayStation and Chromecast. However, those two will be connected to two different servers (the former singapore, the latter usa). My VPN provider is NordVPN.

So, I have tried to use two separate tun interfaces, so those two servers can connect simultaneously. I have also installed vpn policy based routing. However, everytime I connect one server, the other shuts down. Can anyone help me with this? What did I do wrong?

Thank you.

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Disable the default gateway redirection for both VPNs:

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thank you very much for the swift response.

ah, if that's the answer, then I guess I'm dead. hahaha. My ISP aggressively blocks the dns of the vpn if the WAN is the default gateway, so I guess I'm out of luck (tried this before, and the result was I had no internet connection) perhaps something like dnscrypt can help with that?

Add a route to the DNS via the VPN, or offer specific DNS directly to LAN clients.

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Will try that later, thank you very much once again. Hopefully this time it works

Just wanna let you know, it works. Thank you very much! I've marked your answer as the solution.

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