Run a script for hostapd events

I'm looking to run a script when a user associate/disassociate from the router wifi.
according to this thread this can be achieved by using hostapd_cli, i tried the solution on my linux machine and it works as expected but when running in openwrt i get this error
execv: No such file or directory
each time a user associate/disassociate from the router and the script is not being executed.
Is there a better way to get the events (something like ubus or similar?) is the execv error above a bug or something i did wrong ?


You need to install the package first...

opkg update
opkg install hostapd-utils

It's already installed

ok the problem was because my script has #!/bin/bash as a shebang because the script was written and tested on my main linux machine, changing it to #!/bin/sh solved the problem



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