Ruckus Zoneflex 7982 indoor AP, 7762/7782 outdoor AP support request


I found that OpenWRT support Ruckus Zoneflex 7372 AP.

I have Zoneflex 7982, 7762/7782 AP on hand.

Any chance support these AP's for near future?


You are the one with the device, so:

  • check the hardware components, e.g. via an FCC ID search
  • if the hardware components are supportable, port OpenWrt to it
  • create a PR and have the device officially supported

EDIT: I did some of the homework for you.

ZF7982: According to this it is Atheros-based and has sufficient amount of RAM and Flash - so this is probably supportable.

I couldn't find the other two, but the ZF7762-S exists which seems to be equally supportable (AR7161-based, 16M Flash, no mention of RAM).

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…and keep in mind that early ath79 SOCs with 802.11n radios might not find that much enthusiasm from others.

In forum has any step-by-step instruction adding new device for dummies or beginner as me?

I have several qty of Zoneflex 7982, 7372, 7782-S, SC8800-S. To add it into OpenWRT supported list.

In Mongolia, there several thousand qty using up to now Ruckus Zoneflex APs

Yes, Ruckus /xclaim have very nice hw and it would be nice to see them supported by openwrt.

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-from FCC ID search not much information available for hardware components...
-i guess 7782-S similiar to 7762-S.
-SC8800-S need to open case can check?

This link described bit more on hardware components: