RTL8812AU without drivers

Is there any way to use the Realtek RTL8812AU Chipset in OpenWRT?

@castillofrancodamian, please refrain for opening multiple threads on the same topic: RTL8812AU in OpenWrt

As you noted in the thread above:

These links may help, some threads even noted developing a driver for OpenWrt.


And here: Rtl8812au and OpenWrt

I repeated the same topic because there is no solution. On top of that the documentation is a disaster, if there is a solution, it is very difficult to install the driver.

That's because a driver has to be made - which was noted by you in the original thread. You can work on providing the solution via the original thread.

I'm not clear what you mean.

As I noted, please see the threads regarding developing a driver. @Jax128 and @JackB were active in the thread:

Once a driver exists, you would simply:

  • opkg update
  • opkg install kmod-rtl8812au

The problem is that there is no driver, as if to download for the rt2800usb which is another WiFi card that I have and I can get its drivers and dependencies easily because it is done automatically.

I mean, there are no easy-to-configure guides that are updated. I do not know if it is because there are no people who do this, but for those who do not know much and much less know English, it is difficult for them, as for me.