RTL8192EU driver

I have tried the rtl8xxxu driver so far without success. The device is connected to USB on embedded board running Openwrt 19.07.4. When I install the driver, after disabling initial 8192cu driver, the 8xxxu driver does not seem to detect the 8192cu adapter as well the 8192eu adapter, while both are connected during boot time. I see the firmware in the repositories for the 8192eu adapter.

Is the 8192eu adapter supported by any of the openwrt drivers as of today?

Is the 8192eu adapter even working in a Linux distro with the drivers that come with the distro?

I ask this because I have one based on 8192eu and it's basicaly impossible to use it with the (upstreamed) drivers from linux (only thing can that came be done with the drivers that come with all the distros is to scan for wireless networks around me, this is the only thing that actually works, connecting to a network requires a lot of luck and it will drop the connection fast because no traffic is done). I have to use something like this https://github.com/Mange/rtl8192eu-linux-driver to get it working in Linux (bad idea to use something like this if you dual boot, because after restarting from Linux to Windows or from Linux to Windows it will plain not even see a wireless network in the second OS...).

I don't exclude the possibility of me having a buggy 8192eu device, it reports as being USB 3.0 while the usb connector is obvious 2.0, but with Windows drivers it happy works, even .11w works (at a slower speed than without .11w, but it works) (this is actually a better situation in windows than a ralink device that reports .11w support, connects to a .11w wireless network but does no traffic other than keeping the link alive or an intel device that plain refuses to connect to a .11w wireless network while the driver happy reports .11w support).

I used to compile a driver for ubuntu a while ago and can remember, that client connection was tested with iperf around 100Mbit/s. I can remember that it was quite good performing adapter regarding its small size and wifi strength being at -58dBm. Now the question is whether Openwrt adopted the 8192EU driver in any of the packages or not. The search recommended rtl8xxxu driver does not pick up the hardware even at the boot time, so I assume it is not compatible, but the package search shows the 8192EU firmware in the repositories. The only thing we are missing now is the driver itself.

The driver source is here: https://github.com/Mange/rtl8192eu-linux-driver/

It can be compiled for various platforms...

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