RTL8156 defaulting to NCM

Continuing the discussion from Linux kernel module r8152 new alias entry:

Just wanted to share this in case someone is interested: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/netdev/net-next.git/commit/?id=ec51fbd1b8a2bca2948dede99c14ec63dc57ff6b

I ended up with one of these adapters myself and was a bit annoyed by both the NCM default and the inability to test ECM mode. So I decided to fix both problems in one go.

Looks like that fix will end up in mainline in a few weeks. So I do hope it works...

davem is often really quick to apply stuff. Sometimes maybe a little too quick :slight_smile: I was sort of expecting a little discussion around that patch set since it is changing the current strategy and behaviour quite a lot. Should have marked it "RFC", I guess. But that usually means that no one will read it, so it doesn't work either.

Well, anyway, if the patch works for other people too then it solves the problem with RTL8156 dongles defaulting to NCM. I don't know if anyone here feels like testing?

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Thanks @bmork, got an Asus USB-C2500 2,5 GbE and same issue here. Pesky USB gadget stuff :angry:.