RT3200 attended sysupgrade fails

Tried to make a attended sysupgrade from OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r19004-0dc3566a3b and got this message:

Error building the sysupgrade
Unsupported package(s): iptables, ip6tables

Please report the error message and request

Request to server:
    "board_name": "linksys,e8450-ubi",
    "target": "mediatek/mt7622",
    "version": "SNAPSHOT",
    "packages": [
    ".anonymous": false,
    ".name": "request",
    ".type": "request",
    ".index": 0

Any hints?

Well, your old build includes the deprecated firewall(3), as well as iptables and ip6tables that have been renamed.

Currently there is firewall4 and it's dependencies.

(Old iptables is still found as iptables-legacy)

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What is a good migration strategy for the server? We could just map iptables to iptables-legacy?

If you want to take that route, fw4 and iptables-nft would probably cover most cases.

I simply forced the upgrade on mine. It appears that some sort of firewall is active. iptables-nft is installed. There does not seem to be a package named fw4. Do I need to do more?

Not sure that there is any easy way. Possibly the sysupgrade way of compatibility field declaring incompatibility and forcing to use default settings (packages in auc case) etc.

How are you handling firewall --> firewall4 transition in auc so far? Changing the dependent packages like minupnpd from the iptables variant to nft variant? The different ipt modules have also changed somewhat, especially regarding dependencies.
That will come into light with the upgrade to 22.03 where firewall4 is default and unneeded packages related to the old firewall should be removed.
Is there a mapping table or package blocklist somewhere?

Mapping changes for all possible combinations would sound ambitious, so an exclusion list of deprecated packages might be an easier approach. Exclude deprecated packages and notify user during build time?

I hava same problem
how can I upgrade my e8450

Is there a new image that can be flashed instead of sysupgrade?

You can just download the normal sysupgrade image, (instead of using this "attended sysupgrade" service), and flash that via LuCI. And then you need to install the possible add-on packages via opkg.

Thanks, I will give it a try.

Noob question, just to be shure:

Is this the right file:

Or this:

The model states:
Model Linksys E8450 (UBI)

So it's probably the first one (ubi)?

As you are running the UBI variant, you need the UBI sysupgrade image.

Ps. Note that the image is likely without LuCI GUI, so you need to use opkg from SSH console to install LuCI

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