Rt3200 + aarch64 + qemu

I'd like to create my own custom image, but I'd like to test with an Emulator of some kind (QEMU??). I tried to follow the document below, but the emulation just sits there and does not seem to boot the image, or start init. What am I doing wrong??

That's not going to work.

Yes, qemu can emulate a virtual arm64 machine, but it does not emulate the mt7622 SOC or any of the other crucial drivers, nor would it provide the necessary u-boot environment.

You can only test this on real hardware.

XOR you could test a virtio arm64 image, which won't tell you much (anything) about rt3200 compatibility.

Your rt3200 image wouldn't boot on ipq807x either, although both would be ARMv8/ ARM64 with cortex a53 cores, there's more to SOC/ device support than just a common ISA.


@slh Thank you, Sounds like I can try to compile for other archs to test my build automation/logic.. but there is no mt7622 specific emulator. Thank you.

Do you have such emulator software?

If so, you run the mt image in that, not QEMU.

This is the same for any emulator (e.g. old gaming console game images).