RT-N16 and pci sata card (asm1061)

I have Asus RT-N16 router with mounted mini-pci-e connector (i used it first for 5 GHz wifi adapter) and I have mini-pci-e sata card with asm1031 writen on it.
It is very interesting to connect this card and maybe to make openwrt to see some sata ssd or hdd
Now i have OpenWrt 18.06.5 r7897-9d401013fc installed, i can see the card typing lspci (asm1032 in terminal for some reason) aaand... that`s all. No something about sata in dmesg or some fdisk positions... Modules like ata-core or scsi-core are installed.
Seems no driver for my card? Where to dig?

answerind my oun question: forgote kmod-ata-ahci
it works!

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