RT-AC58U - Installing OpenWrt

both aren't available in my country.

And the Linksys EA6350v3 that I finished porting yesterday ;D github.com/escalion/openwrt

Indeed, even better specs - and slightly cheaper as well.

this linksys one is available but for like 100 USD and the asus one also has same github page like this from @chunkeey https://github.com/chunkeey/LEDE-IPQ40XX

The instructions at https://github.com/chunkeey/LEDE-IPQ40XX/commit/88d939941514f27e719b00789fb0cc49ecfa4369 will be correct

I do not compile firmware since it is now part of openwrt. The correct instaructions to install firmware without serial cable can be found here (Russian) - http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=790326
It looks like you can use dullish firmware and install it directly over a stock one. But in case something goes wrong - you will need a serial cable. Please contact dullish for English instructions.

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The instructions only apply for images that have been built from that tree/branch/commit directly, but not for openwrt-18.06 or the current openwrt snapshot images of the RT-AC58U. But make no mistake, I would have liked to have a install.trx that could be flashed over the webinterface on the stock firmware, or at least through ssh. But while the issue comes up from time to time on the forum, there hasn't been a sustained demand for this device to sway the project owners to look into the available solutions and commit to one of them :wink: . From what I can tell, the prevailing opinion is that it's in the users best interest to have access to the serial console, so the device can be recovered in case of a accidental lockout, misconfiguration, or any other common malfunction.

Hello friends!
Most recently, I flashed according to the instructions from 4pda with the help of transitional image from dullish. Everything is clear!

@Noveon Thanks for the link. This seems like the best way to install openwrt and the most recent version of Dullish's stock2openwrt.zip file. I cannot register for 4pda to download the file as I cannot understand the Russian CAPTCHA to register. Could you or anyone with access please send it to me?

@chunkeey +1 for a install.trx over web interface or ssh for AC58U / ACRH13


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Got it. Many thanks!

but how to integrate it into openwrt? that's the question that seemingly nobody has an answer for. :frowning_face:

@escalion @slh hey guys how's the netgear r6350 compared to this rt ac58u. it looks like i wont have to open my router to install openwrt with netgear and its also ac 1750 so it should be faster too. right ?

I haven't personally tested either, but compared to the rt-ac58u the Linksys EA6350 v3 (assuming you want to stick to ipq40xx) should be much better (more flash/ RAM, easier to flash) - downsides, it's not yet merged into OpenWrt/ master (but there is an open pull request adding support for it) and you need to make very sure to get hardware revision v3 (v1 or v2 are incompatible and not going to be supported).

If you really refer to the Netgear R6350, yes it has basic support - but there is no support for its 5 GHz wlan (mt7615) so far (and that's unlikely to change anytime soon). The mt7621 SOC can deal with higher WAN throughputs (routing, NAT, basic firewall rules) than ipq40xx, but its CPU performance is slower than ipq40xx (which would be important for VPN usage or similar CPU intensive tasks); both SOCs have solid support in OpenWrt.

bro here in india on amazon.in it is selling for like 140 USD, so i could get much better routers for that kinda money, if i had that kind of a budget. on newegg india it is selling for around 86 USD, still i could stretch my budget a bit if u say its worth even for that price but thats not main issue, main issue with newegg will be warranty as it is newegg so it will be imported and i dont know whether i will get international warranty or not. and that asus one is available for like 67 USD. and btw thanks for the info about r6350's 5ghz cause if i bought that i would have been screwed cause i dont need more than 100 mbits/sec wan throughput and i think any will do that fine atleast any gigabit one. i only need good lan and wireless throughput as i have an unraid server and plex media server and without 5ghz that wouldn't have been possible. so thanks for the insight bro.

I am thinking about buying AC58U and plan to install openwrt.
Will flashing this from the stock firmware upgrade page work?
If yes, then is there anything else i need to know? Does it come with a GUI?

Sorry if these are basic questions i am new and have not installed a custom router firmware before.


For installation instructions

  • snapshots do not come with a GUI, you have to install LuCI manually
  • releases like 18.06.x do come with GUI (LuCI)

Hi @tmomas
I'm talking about the transitional firmware that Noveon linked to from 4pda. Does it install directly from web interface?

Yes, it install from the GUI.

If you haven't bought it yet, prefer an ipq40xx device with more (256 MB) RAM instead; 128 MB RAM -as in the rt-ac58u- are insufficient for a device with two ath10k radios.