RT-AC58U calibration data

Hey guys, I flashed this Asus RT-AC58U router using the "easy installation process" that was published on wiki.

This involves using external .trx file, which is hosted by u/Zyxmon. I read about the development and the fork he worked on with u/chunkeey. Dont know what was wrong during the flashing process but I ended up running 18.06 with no Wi-Fi option. Obviously I found a thread mentioning this issue after troubleshooting, not before I performed the flash (AC58U no wireless option in network after installing 18.06.1 ). I edited the wiki right away, but my cals were already lost.

I managed to restore the Wi-Fi function thanks to u/chunkeey, but he could only provide cals for 2016 version. My router is EU and came with (07/2018 firmware). The router is probably running fine, I cant tell, but I would prefer to install newer cals before I forget about this issue.

So, could I ask potentional owners of healthy AC58U to extract these for me please? Thank you and Im sorry for my stupidity.