Rsync (mips/arm), no xattr, no acl

I'm using a TP-Link Archer C7 v2 (mips) in the cabin and are doing off-site backups using rsync from a MacBook to a Solaris server and rsync from the Solaris server to the Archer.

MacOS files uses xattr and they are transferred and stored also on the Solaris system, but it appears that the rsync on the Archer was compiled with no xattr and no ACL support.

I use ext4 as the file systems on the Archer, and it appears that it supports xattr:

root@ROOter-Moje:/proc# grep xattr /proc/fs/ext4/sd*2/options

On the Archer:

root@ROOter-Moje:/proc# rsync --version |grep xattr
    append, no ACLs, no xattrs, iconv, symtimes, prealloc

On the Solaris system:

spiff:~ (202)> rsync --version|grep xattr
    append, ACLs, xattrs, iconv, symtimes, no prealloc

Checking the latest rsync commit I see this:

net/rsync: Make using ACL/XATTR the default if it's core default

Core has an option to enable ACL/XATTR by default;
if that is set default rsync to use it.

Does the lack of xattr support in rsync imply that that is not the core default?

I've checked on my Linksys WRT3200ACM (arm) and there's no xattr in rsync there either.

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I just noticed that RSYNC_xattr and RSYNC_acl are set to "n" by default.

Any objections to changing this to "y"?

As far as I know, the "typical" file systems used by OpenWrt (squashfs, jffs2, ubifs) don't support xattr or acl as implemented in the OpenWrt build process, so it would "bloat" the binary for many people. Perhaps a package "variant" would be a better choice, especially for users with limited flash.

I doubt that rsync is relevant with any of these file systems.

I built a version with acl and xattr and the difference in size is about 20k, from 238k to 258k.
The acl and attr libs adds 32k, if they are not already installed.

A "variant" is probably a good idea.

Glad you got it running as you wanted.

rsync is a great tool especially with these file systems on flash that is slow to write and has limited erase cycles.

I would like to install rsync with ACL capability on OpenWrt. Is there a package variant of rsync I can install? Cheers.

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