Rpi4: Where to start?

I've been wanting to build an OpenWrt router for a while now, but I've yet to find an image I can flash/install. I'm primarily working on Raspberry Pi 4, but I do own a 3B+.

In the short term, I'd just like to repeat a partially failed project I did a while back where I made a reverse access point by hand.

  • Pi connects to Wi-Fi and provides network to Ethernet, switch lets me connect multiple devices
  • (Goal missed) A follow up project requires isolation from the home network while still having access to repositories and maybe a whitelist of other IP's depending on task.

In the long term, I want to have (listed in order of priority):

  • Gigabit home router --Some overclocking needed, I believe
  • Total control over port forwarding (ISP's software is so babyproofed, I couldn't forward port x to port y where x!=y if I needed to)
  • Wi-Fi network on or downstream of Pi4 (Not opposed to using a separate Pi if needed)
  • A DNS sinkhole to catch unwelcome IP requests
  • A personal VPN so the family's phones can benefit from said sinkhole while out and about.

You can start by flashing @anon50098793 's build which works fine and has a lot of needed packages preinstalled.


Here many forum members helped me to setup my Rpi4. Please check the above thread.

Badri M

Thank you both. I'll be focusing on this project this week, and I'll be updating on my progress.

I've downloaded and flashed the factory version of the build found here:
rpi4/builds/rpi-4_snapshot_2.7.77-15_r15880_partuuid_hwrng_extra /

All I'm getting is a command line logged into root, but only if I hit Enter during or after the terminal stabilizes. I suppose I was expecting some sort of GUI. Did I pick the wrong build?

Are you talking about a serial port connection? Or a monitor? By default OpenWrt has a web based gui http://OpenWrt.lan


I tried following the link you posted, but it appears to be dead, unless I'm missing something. I'm connected via Pi 4's Ethernet.

Plug a laptop or desktop into the ethernet port and then go to http://OpenWrt.lan to configure the GUI

Directly, or through a switch?

Either should work, but I assume in the end you'll want a switch so maybe get that set up first.

I tried directly, and my laptop crashed royally. Could be coincidence. Next try will be without my Raspian Pi I'm using to catch Wi-Fi for an Ethernet signal to the switch.

Edit: No dice.

Your Pi should be all alone by itself, not connected to a larger network. It's got a DHCP server so you need to just connect up to it by itself, configure it, then you can put it in place as a router. You can't have two DHCP servers on the same network, so you can't just connect this to an existing network.

Which network interface is the DHCP server pointed towards by default?

I'm not sure how @anon50098793 set up his build but I'd expect the built in ethernet port to be part of the LAN where the DHCP points.

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OK, I got my laptop alone on the switch with the router. I've restarted the router and disabled Laptop Wi-Fi. I am getting an IP, but I'm still not getting anything on http://www.openwrt.lan/.

no www, remove that part

Nothing, but I did get something on

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Yeah, it should respond to http://openwrt.lan but if not works, or the ipv6 address can work too :wink:

Firefox kept adding in www or https on me, so there's that.

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Yeah, and firefox might have DoH turned on? So there's also that. maybe better to stick to the IP address.