Rpi4 - Openwrt 21.02 basic question

Just a quick question, whats the deal with the 21.02 version for the Rpi4, when i last compiled my firmware, i moved from the master to the 21.02 snapshot, using git checkout openwrt-21.02, however i keep seeing 21.02-0rc1 being mentioned and today i saw 21.02.0rc2 mentioned when i ran git pull.

Am i supposed to change my version and use git checkout 21.02-0rc2 or stay as i am?

You are able to download RC1 right now but at the time of this post RC2 is being built and all targets are not ready at the moment

RC = "release candidate" and not considered final or stable


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As I build my own image, I'm not sure if I should be using Openwrt 21.02 or 21.02.0rc2 which tells me I'm "in detached head state".

Is 21.02 snapshot the most upto date branch of 21.02, or is RC2 newer?

Anyone know??

if i run git branch it shows im building on 21.02... but if i do git tag i see 21.02, 21.02.0rc1 and 21.02.0rc2

The 21.02 branch HEAD is the newest from the 21.02 branch. rc2 was an earlier commit in that branch.
(well, there haven't actually been any real commits since rc2, just the revert commit of reverting the rc2 branding to the normal 21.02 branding.

You can see see in that branch git history both the recent rc2 tag and also the earlier rc1 tag.

Generally, you should build from the branch HEAD, as it gives you also the fixes made after the release (rc2 in this case).

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WIth RC2 i have problem with samba ...

WIth RC2 i have problem with samba ...

edit /etc/config/samba4, under config samba, add option interface 'loopback lan'

WIth RC2 i have problem with samba and also with automount USB HDD...

no many time for test , i reinstall 19.07.5

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