Routing multi WIFI (as client) aggregation with same subnet from APs

Can anyone confirm the functionality (and potentially build/device(s)) to have a router which is
Connecting as a wifi client (routing not bridging) to another AP
Accepting a DHCP address IP from the ap (example.
ADDITIONALLY connecting to additional/several other APs in the same way, WITH THE SAME subnet addresses.

Allowing NAT/PAT routing between local, and ALL connected APs, which each assigned addresses from same Subnet.

AS IN: (local router is, which is assigned 10.5.5.x from each AP) > ap1: > ap2: > ap3: > ap4:

Seems like a not so difficult variant or hack of vlan'ing/routing, but an outbound nat/pat rule would probably have to bind to a vlan number and destination IP address, and route/default route looping safeguards would need to be disabled or modified to include vlan definition.

PS, My most common/available routers are Asus rt-ac68u's

Thank you!

decent explanation, but i'd need to see a diagram to picture it... struggling to see where vlans fit into it... you've mentioned dhcp yet given examples with only 5.100x4? makes no sense...

A STA can only be connected to a single AP, you cannot be connected to several APs at the same time from the same radio.

Unless you have more than one radio, the problem is not in the routing.

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