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I'm new here and my english is not so good. I want so setup my printer and Server and I think I have a routing problem. At first some information about my setup. My LAN-Clients and WIFI-Clients are in different subnets. My device is a fritzbox 4040. The fritzbox 4040 is located safely behind a fritzbox 6490 from ISP. The LAN-Clients are in the subnet and my WIFI-Clients are in the subnet All clients are connected to the openwrt router. My internet connection works perfectly. My printer has the IP can print from the LAN-Subnet but not in the WIFI-Subnet. For this setup I need some help please.

Without knowing why you separated the LAN and WAN networks, it's hard to come up with a solution that will not go against your reasons to do it: obvious solution is to merge both networks together.

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I did not separate LAN and WAN but WIFI and LAN, so that I can later define my own firewall rules for the end devices. Now I would like to provide my network printing in the LAN Subnet as well as WIFI subnet, but I don't know how I can implement this, the WIFI clients and LAN clients have access to it.

Sorry, I mistyped WLAN as WAN.

You need to enable forwarding from the WLAN to the LAN network, then restrict traffic and block anything but packets destined to the port and address where the printer is listening.

Sorry for the awkwardness, but can you tell me where to put the registration and everything? With nmap -Pn the ports 80, 443, 515, 631, 9100 TCP of the printer are opened. After opening all ports, I still couldn't connect (maybe wrong settings?). I specified "source zone" with WAN / WLAN under Port forwarding and I specified "internal zone" with LAN. My firewall is set to "accept" everything. Unfortunately everything did not help. I am desperate. I hope you can tell me what I have to adjust.

Post your current firewall configuration here, and we will work from there.

And that's my routing table on the fritzbox 6490.

You'll need to allow Inter-Zone Forwarding from LAN to Wifi and from Wifi to LAN. Currently you only allow from LAN to WAN and from Wifi to WAN, that is why internet works fine.

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Okay, now I can ping the printer, but I can't print yet. What do I have to do now?

Most likely you'll need to manually add the printer by IP. Since the printer is not in the same broadcast domain with the Wifi, the auto-discovery won't work.


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