Routing 101 Anyone?

While I have (somewhat) successfully set up OpenWrt through the GUI to build an AP router wired to a Routed Bridge, my lack of basic knowledge in this area is vast.

In these forums and others and the OpenWrt guide & manual I have picked up bits and pieces but still cannot see the big picture and lack detailed knowledge what the heck is going on here. I tire of being confused and ignorant.

Can anyone recommend a reference book, academic text, or teaching website that covers routing methods (wired and wireless) in detail?

I suggest whatever the latest "Networking for Dummies" guide is. I've had lots of Dummies guides over the years; they're always excellent introductions to whatever subject I need to learn.

Also bone up on the 7-layer OSI model. Routing is layer 3, where wired/wireless is layers 1 and 2. Routing does not depend on the transmission medium.

But, in a nutshell, routing is nothing more than, "Is this for me? If not, where do I send it?". Everything else is just details. Important details, to be sure, especially if you delve into the joys of dynamic routing protocols, route metrics/costs, and more, but ultimately every routing decision comes down to those two questions.


Thank you!

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